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HOAI Desktop Wallpapers

Moderator Janey Gold Stars35 Silver Stars39 Uploads3
12th January, 2006. 4:44:13 PM.  
While I've been away, I had designed some HOAI Desktop Wallpapers for you. I hope you like them.

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Moderator Daddy 128 146 Uploads27
12th January, 2006. 7:57:17 PM.  
Great work Janey, I love the fiery background; very "devilish"! I'll post my desktop here tomorrow with your dual-desktop layout.
KBuHT 150 47 Uploads125
13th January, 2006. 9:22:59 AM.  
Very beautifull wallpaper! I take it thanks
TheNurse 80 77 Uploads41
13th January, 2006. 4:59:03 PM.  
haha i made this the wallpaper on a bunch of computers at school hopefully people will get bored and go to the site.
Moderator Daddy 128 146 Uploads27
13th January, 2006. 6:06:21 PM.  
Cool stuff! Great going Kristen! Than you.
L33t0nG 38 5 Uploads11
15th January, 2006. 2:49:22 PM.  
I can still use the wallpaper up top Tis coooool.. But naw i'm on a Smurfy-doodooey PC
kutiekake 5 5 Uploads0
3rd September, 2012. 6:12:07 PM.  

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