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How Old Am I?

Welcome to the 'How Old Am I?' Forum

Moderator Janey Gold Stars35 Silver Stars39 Uploads3
21st October, 2005. 5:41:08 PM.  
Hey everyone, my name's Janey and this is my new site. I welcome you all to participate on this Forum and vote and upload pictures on the site.

What is How Old Am I? I hear you ask...
The aim of my site is to get people to upload photos of themselves and of friends, and to see if people can guess their ages. People say I look young for my age so I wanted to see how old people think I am.

When voting, every time you get someone's age right, you get a gold star. And at the end of each month, we'll give a way prizes. Since this is our first month, I will give you an additional gold star for every photo you upload to. Next month, I will be giving away a digital camera to the person with the most gold stars.

If you have a website, you can link to HOAI using the instructions on this page. I also welcome you to send me your websites and I'll add you to our random links section, click here to send me your links.

Please let us know what you think of the site by posting your comments and suggestions on the Forum. I would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback.

Janey xxx

L33t0nG 38 5 Uploads11
1st January, 1970. 1:00:00 AM.  
Heya peeps.. Just thought i'd drop a message, Well done on what could be an ever growing site!! I think its cool And whats cooler is that i have actually got the most gold stars !! Shocked!! Well as requested i shall be uploading some more piccys of my mate hayley, and i shall try get some more piccys If she lets me.. So vote her for A**** ** *** M**** (doesn't want to give to much away)
Soopastar 3 1 Uploads3
1st January, 1970. 1:00:00 AM.  
hi..remember me? well i need sum help cuz i can't seem to find how to upload more picz or one more without deleting the current pliz help
gonner 3 1 Uploads3
6th November, 2007. 2:45:36 PM.  
Great idea, Janey. Keep up!
tattoomansbabe 3 1 Uploads3
17th May, 2011. 9:50:06 PM.  
love the site but wish you'd make it easier to remove photos!
TrappedXxX 3 1 Uploads3
8th July, 2011. 11:28:28 PM.  
Cool site, cool site...
meetxkelsey 3 1 Uploads3
25th September, 2011. 5:59:38 PM.  
looks like you haven't done Smurfy-doodoo with it in months..
VictoriaEmma 3 1 Uploads3
18th October, 2011. 6:41:29 AM.  
What the Smurf u c k is with the nude phtotos
illicitkitty 3 1 Uploads3
30th January, 2012. 8:05:17 AM.  
Hello hello

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