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How old is "Fugly Betty"?

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She wishes she was on the new ABC TV show.

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Fugly Betty is a fugly chick, with brunette hair and white skin. She's a midget of a woman with a slim figure, pert buttocks and a nice pair of teeny tiny breasts.

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People's Comments

wowgirl: who is silverstar???????????
elizasbooth: your not ugly
Username: silverstar is a mommas boy!
cxbriggs: not ** more like **
terryvasquez: i would fuuk her in every hooole then cuuum in her puuuusssy. i wonder how she would feel about all this.
kobaltblue: She's a cute kid.
AgeingPunk: She's very pretty. Get your eyes checked!
Username: silverstar is ugly!
silverstar: Yes she is.
Janey: She is not ugly!

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