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How Old Am I?

How old is "Miriam"?

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There's something about Miriam, can you guess what it is?

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Miriam is a fugly boy, with black locks and tanned skin. He's a short fellow with a fit figure and a beautiful rack.

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People's Comments

Livvi: wait she is a he WTF!!!
Username: silverstar is a mommas boy!
FratHardorGoHome: its not a guy you stupid Smurf its just a bunch of fat hippies hating because theyre virgins
garrison: He must have had a great surgeon, you can't see the adam's apple
little-me-me: nice Smurfs!!!
thunderbunny57108: damn hot if its a guy
Mujah: That's a guy? That's a guy... That's a GUY! I'd hit it if it were a well-done post-op.
christina650: prolly got the pic offa google
Minique: It is definitively a man - was guest on Australia's Big Brother TV program and the Aussie blokes sussed him out straight away!
Username: coccinelle: I know! she's .. months pregnant? she has to pee?

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