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How Old Am I?

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Howdy Ho! Just thought i'd keep you updated on Mr.L33t0nG himself. Here i am sunning it up ''Was drawn between a few piccys though'' luff you all..

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Shane-O is a smokin dude, with brunette locks and tanned complexion. He's a tall fellow with a fit frame, pert buttocks.

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L33t0nG: Naw Matey, its a Spurs top (TottenHam Hotspurs) I got to many england tops now :l
Daddy: Yay! I got gold!!! Is that almost an England t-shirt you've got on there Shane?
x i am the sex x: Gold star w**p :)) not very hard tho i guess lol love you baby x
L33t0nG: Common you Spurs :D:D:D Mwahaa - And En-Grr-Land in todays match :D

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