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How Old Am I?

How old is "bob and dan"?

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Two guys, 40 cigars . . .

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bob and dan is a smokin guy, with black locks and white complexion. He's a short fellow with a fit frame, round butt and a nice pair of acceptable boobs.

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People's Comments

SHEAPOYTHRESS: you guys need to be shot
super girl: REST IN PEACE
irock11: omg probably dead *minutes later...n the answer is twenty-seven
Zipporah: if you do that often you won't be alive long...
jake sloane: they are stupid
Minique: Who cares how old they are - they're going to die soon anyway
HaZeY: Try that in Amsterdam
bunnybunny: that is soooo stupid you must have been quite drunk to do such a thing
ilovered: thats just dumb
Daddy: Er, who do we vote for?

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