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How Old Am I?

How old is "Zenja"?

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Zenja for friends Zeha or Monstr, he like rooock and hard metall!

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Zenja is a milf man, with black locks and white complexion. He's a tall fellow with a curvy frame, pert bootie and a beautiful rack.

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People's Comments

SHAAbingbang: I GOT A FRIGGIN STAR. shabingbang!
Username: you need a phucking dictionary tool bag!
coolgirl: ok if that is school and u r still there then u r DUMB
Daddy: ..,.......M, C. A. Come on, sing along!
MetalVolleyball: rock on man :)
Renee: and so hot
wee69zer: he man don't flip off the camera
lynn1962: yes so young so rude!

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