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How Old Am I?

How old is "me bex"?

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this is me again. in me room i look abit like a chav lol

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me bex is a okish girl, with brunette locks and tanned complexion. She's a medium lady with a normal body, yummy butt and a nice pair of acceptable boobs.

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People's Comments

hellokittyhere: i got it right!! woohoo!
gemini908: WOW way off
Zipporah: nice looking young lady not much make up. Make up is for us oldies to cover up. You don't need it..
thunderbunny57108: silver again damn your cute
themanc: she's gorgeous
silverstar: What does ''Chav'' mean?
silverstar: WOW! You look amazing!!! Can you post more photos?
Daddy: You dont look like a Chav!

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