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How Old Am I?

How old is "Fran"?

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I'd like to tell you that Fran's a chick but no, she's a recent post-op hermaphrodite. Fran is not short for 'Francine' but 'Francis', just in case you were wondering. What do you mean you couldn't tell?

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Fran is a fugly man, with brunette locks and white skin. He's a giant fellow with a humongous frame.

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People's Comments

elizasbooth: seriously why
darksars: Why is everyone so Smurfing immature???
Daddy: Maz, I think she's seen the size of your pecker!
kalatoms89: you look about twelve!
James Hunter: she is just suprized bu the sise of my smirf she want me
ShyGuy18: she's VERY funny and VERY louddddddddddddddd
silverstar: ahhhhh.... I think she's gonna eat me
thenurse: aww everyone is being so mean :(
L33t0nG: Think she just seen a pie?

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