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How Old Am I?

How old is "Zhang"?

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Zhang is an old friend. After many requests, she finally let me post her photo here.

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Zhang is a okish girl, with black locks and yellow skin. She's a medium lady with a normal figure, tight buttocks and a nice pair of acceptable breasts.

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People's Comments

chantelle: ahh but she may be a he.. she does have rather narrow hips aswell as broadish shoulders
jake sloane: she is a gay Smurf
Mhansome: She is Pretty, love Asian Women.she doesn't have that 'molders' just wish she did.
Daddy: She's got MOLDERS! That's 'Man Sholders' to you new to the lingo!
wee69zer: goldstar and boy she's a honey
James Hunter: dip me in flour and Smurf me she is beautiful
ShyGuy18: she loves to cook (and look)
Ric Ola: yepp, another gold star for me

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