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How Old Am I?

How old is "May Ling"?

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This is my sexy friend May Ling. She use to work at Zeds bar but now works as a legal assistant. She is in her 20s, so lets see if that helps you to guess her age.

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May Ling is a cute girl, with black hair and yellow complexion. She's a short lady with a fit frame, pert butt and a nice chest.

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People's Comments

Bobby Yaram: hey skinny i got a gold
AgeingPunk: Sex on the brain? Sounds difficult... is it in the Karma Sutra? ;-)
Zipporah: men have sex on their brains and women can't keep a secret they give her age away.. you look nice
cutielola: shes twenty four
thunderbunny57108: another beautiful asain
stuffy: i want to Smurf you hard, you little Smurfbag
jringo: I made May Ling sing at Zeds back room
James hunter: I wanna Smurf on ur Smurfs

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