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How Old Am I?

How old is "Ruth"?

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This is Ruth, chillin' out on the beach innit.

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Ruth is a smokin woman, with blonde locks and white skin. She's a medium lady with a curvy body, round butt and an awesome set of melons.

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People's Comments

maddiereed: **? WOW i thot u were **
AgeingPunk: WHAT? I was only seventeen years out! Young looking to a ridiculous degree!!
Zipporah: you look younger definitely
silverstar: Do you know my mate Moisha?
Username: ur in big big trouble!!!!!!!!!!
Username: kenny mirrored the pic he stole from the web
Osama Bed Linen: I bet she takes it up the poopen houven.
Kenny: Naaaaaaaaahhhhh.......
myself: Her name's Ruth England - she's a TV presenter in the UK.
wee69zer: the smurfs say yes

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