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How Old Am I?

How old is "Sam"?

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Have you ever noticed how your connection always gets cut off just as you are almost close the finishing your download? I think I know why...

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Sam is a cute gal, with blonde locks and white complexion. She's a medium lady with a slim figure, tight butt and a nice pair of perky breasts.

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People's Comments

Bobby Yaram: how to see your beauty in dark.. don't cut the power
unclefed: i like it )
IHateYouXoXo: I got gold thanks to the lass below me
dancewithme: her age is zo think real hard what num that could be
Jonnie202005: stay nerdy home boy
Zipporah: Very pretty
Grepus: Sysadmin gone wild...
rennix: BOFH, isn't she?
James Hunter: you can put that away i'v already had the tip sniped when i was a baby thank you
Obi Wan Cannoli: Well i think i could find a way to forgive such a hot women of disconneting me

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