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How old is "Bodanka"?

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This is my frind Bodanka. We both enjoy Bungy jumping. Bodanka works as a nurse.

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Bodanka is a okish woman, with blonde hair and white complexion. She's a medium lady with a fit frame, round buttocks and a nice pair of acceptable breasts.

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People's Comments

megz6133: she does not look ** at all at least **
IHateYouXoXo: You snowball she's plenty thin. what do u want for her bones to be visible through her skin?
dimitriev: nice, cute but not my stile. i like them more thin
shaithiswampir: those ski legs aorund my neck my tonguedeep in that snatch...oh my
Osama Bed Linen: Osy osy osy! Yay!
ShyGuy18: she's strong in some ways
James hunter: just Smurf me please please please

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