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How Old Am I?

How old is "Amelia"?

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You will never believe me but young Amelia has two children, three dogs, a cat and a duck named Freddy!

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Amelia is a okish kitten, with brunette hair and white complexion. She's a short lady with a flabby body, round butt and a nice pair of acceptable boobs.

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People's Comments

Username: t w o kids?!!! time to close shop and legs
Larser: at least we know she puts out!
dantheman: Two kids at that age? Hardly been sired legally.
ShyGuy18: great Freddy----------
James Hunter: milf wow very sexy i wish tube tpos would make a come back
hippunk20: * kids, **, and clubwear? makes sense
L33t0nG: Lol at comment

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