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How old is "The Lady in Red"?

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Meet my old neighbour, Cheryl. She's been single for a few years now (I wonder why LOL) Anyway, she's just met a man and she's very happy in her new (and probably her first) relationship. Warning to you guessers: Cheryl is older than she looks!

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The Lady in Red is a ugly gal, with blonde locks and white complexion. She's a short lady with a curvy figure, flabbly butt and a beautiful rack.

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People's Comments

IHateYouXoXo: I guessed ten years off.. maybe if the camera wasn't so far off I would be able to see the wrinkles and what not im sure she has
Hot-Pixie: wow she looks a lot younger... thats impressive.
Minique: No way is she **!! I want a pint of what she's drinking - she's looking good!
pete: ** years off
James hunter: wow a little chubby but very sexy and looking great
Bison: A very attractive buxom young lady :)

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