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How Old Am I?

How old is "Monica"?

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Please sir im not a bad girl really i just love to tease.

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Monica is a gorgeous girl, with black locks and white skin. She's a medium lady with a fit figure, yummy bootie and a nice pair of perfect breasts.

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People's Comments

sierra: she looks jvdhvi
kikaycoy: too much make-up that she looks older than she is
jpbor: Ooooh! I see what this thing does with the swearing words... Nevermind then...
jpbor: the*ofus, you are Smurfing me off! I am seriously gonna kick your smurfy ass!!!
the4ofus: not cute, your Smurfty
Username: is her neck broke?
rich1911: I got a Gold one on this one. She is HOT
jesseyaaron: so hot i want to tough her
MrsAmy: Nice, but whats up with her lips
shelz8: i think shes ugly, ok well shes pretty but the makeup looks bad. like she woke up with it on then took a pic.

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