How Old Am I?
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Guess this Person's Age
How Old Am I?

How old is "Magdan"?

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He likes drinking beer, beer and beer...

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Magdan is a okish bloke, with brunette locks and white complexion. He's a medium fellow with a normal frame, yummy butt.

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People's Comments

BongoMcCongo: Go easy on your liver man. :)
Bobby Yaram: your guessed age is twenty eight, so don't drink
apnford: das boot!!!!!!
IHateYouXoXo: You're a drunk I guess that's why you look so old
Zipporah: guys don't show the beer bottle then we guess your age
thunderbunny57108: silver so close
christina650: gold..heck yes!
Listless: Aren't you underage to be chugging like that?
thbpt: u ugy stupid drinky dude!! GO DIE IN A HOLE!!

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