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How Old Am I?

How old is "Kelly"?

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This shy Gemini loves writing songs, listening to music, taking photos and painting. And she is very loving...... What do ya think ?

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Kelly is a pretty doll, with blonde hair and white skin. She's a tall lady with a slim figure, tight buttocks and a nice bust.

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People's Comments

Username: you forgot to put your b o o bs back on
jov: what do i think? fukn ho-bag skank, what is modern society disintegrating to?
methedemon: man i hate me when i can't Smurf the Smurfy-doodoo out of her Smurf and Smurfgina...
ShyGuy18: Kelly, sing som song wit me , plz!
janneman: she's too cute! wow
James hunter: spanking on the couch I love you

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