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How old is "Simone"?

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Shes a young stydent, studying at the local arts college to be an actress. She hopes to get a part in the upcoming stage production of Sex and the City.

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Simone is a okish lass, with brunette locks and white skin. She's a short lady with a slim figure, pert butt and a nice bust.

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People's Comments

AgeingPunk: A budding actress, reading a 'book' about Sex an the City? I don't think she'll be acting in any Pinter plays any time soon...
loveroflife: i wish i had a face like yours! spotless!
oscar22: no way you that age
elwoodpdowd: Ahhh, to be in love again and again and again. um oops. was I realy typing that?
nodiceno: Lolita lolita come softly to be where I wish
Maz: always good to see a girl reading good literature.
thunderbunny57108: silver star put the book down and come to bed already
jringo: I'll make a movie with you
James Hunter: u can still read while i Smurf u i don't mind
Obi Wan Cannoli: beautiful eyes for a beautiful women.

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