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How Old Am I?

How old is "Lila"?

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She thinks she looks like a teacher but I think she looks perfect

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Lila is a okish chick, with brunette locks and white skin. She's a medium lady with a normal frame, round buttocks and a nice pair of acceptable breasts.

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People's Comments

snohmann: someday i'll figure out why those glasses work so well.
pokinsmot: one word comes to mind... wow...
jola: sooo pretty
Zipporah: ladies can look smart and pretty at the same time...this one does both
thunderbunny57108: you can teach me anything anytime baby
soapykins: It's all about the glasses in this one.
BigLou: I've had better than this skank!
James hunter: sexy sexy sexy
Janey: This lady has class and sex appeal. Watch this space...
steve16: mmmmmmmmmmm

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