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How Old Am I?

How old is "Megan"?

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Ive sed it all above..................

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Megan is a fugly chick, with brunette hair and white skin. She's a short lady with a fit figure, round buttocks and a nice pair of acceptable boobs.

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People's Comments

The red skittle: i guessed it right on the dot but you look younger then ** i would say **-** years old
AgeingPunk: She's nice too. Illiterate. But nice.
Username: sed?........what a phuckng moron
johnty71: come to papa
thunderbunny57108: silver again
xItsxMexMeganx: Love you too x*mze*x and Kaylie xx
Quagmire: Hey baby!!!
Kaylie: I Love You Boo
L33t0nG: HAr, you look familular :D
silverstar: You are perfect! I want you.

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