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How Old Am I?

How old is "burg"?

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well its just me lol so leave me a comment if ya want

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burg is a okish doll, with blonde locks and white skin. She's a tall lady with a slim figure and a nice chest.

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People's Comments

reetmarjara: u r such a beuty.......
terryvasquez: i would fuuk you and cuuum in your puuuussssy. would you let me?
liamlloyd: sam age as me
thunderbunny57108: very hot!!
Osama Bed Linen: Osy osy osy! Yay!
McGarnigan: I'll plunder ye booty! Arrrr!
Kenny: Cute gal xxx
evoracer4u: Very Very Cute!!!
Captain Tenille: Very cute :-)

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