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How Old Am I?

How old is "randy"?

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Why a proflie? Ist das ne bloede Kontaktboerse hier? Aber echt ma ey...

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randy is a ugly man, with brunette hair and white skin. He's a medium fellow with a flabby body and a nice pair of acceptable breasts.

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People's Comments

Jiijiikoo: Ha Ha Ha - you're really twenty years older
jenjen1986: if you look this old now i can only imagine in ten years
dblpw: Duuude tip to look your age...lose weight and shave your head
wee69zer: must be on something
Pschober: du siehst voll viel aelter aus.. bist du sicher das du erst ** bist?
REdNeck32: whoa. that's right.
Daddy: You look A LOT older than you are!

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