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How Old Am I?

How old is "Eve"?

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Wow what a sexy dress, forget your crown jewels darling, how about feeling my jewels...

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Eve is a gorgeous girl, with bizarre hair and white skin. She's a tall lady with a fit frame, yummy buttocks and a nice pair of perky breasts.

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People's Comments

BongoMcCongo: I chose ninety-nine as payback for the stupid Smurf putting up a pic where you can't see her face.
CopenhagenMan: is it bad i guessed ** LOL
oscar22: you look dead
bunnybunny: freeeeeeeeeeeek!!!
bunnybunny: if i saw her face it would be easier
ms-stewart: ** MY Smurf..more like **
ms-stewart: ** , my Smurf!
ShyGuy18: Goddess (Eve on Semper or at Wiener Opernball!!)
James hunter: freeky and wild but she gets a spank anyway

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